Lost Sock Roasters

February 2019 Dispatch

February's coffee came to you from Lost Sock Coffee Roasters in Washington D.C. They are dedicated to developing outstanding coffee sustainably and devote time each day to carefully roasting the beans to accentuate the unique and desired flavors inherent in each coffee.

With the understanding that they carry a responsibility to the countless people involved in every step of the coffee process, from farmer to roaster to barista, they meticulously roast the coffee to ensure quality, not only because everyone loves a great cup, but because a failure to do so would be irreverent to all responsible in its journey from farm to mug. 

The Coffee

The coffee we shipped to our subscribers is Lost Sock's Finca Rio Cofre varietal from Colombia. This coffee was grown at approximately 5700 feet above sea level and then processed naturally.

When we were told of the dedication to quality and social justice that the producer brings to his small farm, we were enchanted. Then we tasted a sample of his experimentally fermented coffee and were completely blown away.

Due to the high humidity in Colombia, it is difficult to naturally ferment coffees, and therefore it’s rare to see naturally processed coffees coming out of the origin. This exception hits the mark with complex fruit and wine notes.