Apothecary Coffee Co.

December 2018 Dispatch

We were thrilled to offer a whole bean coffee from Apothecary Coffee Co. located in Georgetown, Texas. Roaster/Owner Garrett Hill specializes in offering fair trade and single-origin coffees from around the world. 

The Coffee

The coffee our subscribers received was their El Salvador, Calera Lot #86. This coffee is a natural processed Bourbon from the Alotepec-Metapán region and is grown at approximately 5250 feet above sea level.

The owners of the farm, the Valiente Family, boast four generations of coffee producers. Their two farms are located in an area of the country called the "Golden Coffee Belt" for its rich soil and advantageous micro-climate. 

Cultural practices such as pruning, weed control, and sensible fertilization based on soil analysis, give permanent employment to some 30 workers, and up to 200 workers during harvest.

The local school was built on donated land by the Valiente Calderon families who are sensitive to the need for rural education in their community. Free land is also provided to workers to grow food and coffee. 

We found that this coffee tastes amazing no matter how you brew it, but if you're brewing it as a pour over, we recommended that you take your time with the initial pour of the water. Just let a small amount of the water soak the grounds for up to a minute to bring out the sweetness, and then pour the rest of the water over the next 2-3 minutes.